Personal Transformation Through

Creating sacred space for Healing & Transformation

Disconnect to Re-Connect with Self in our Luxurious Long Weekend in Punta Gorda, Florida.  This retreat will leave you feeling nourished, de-stressed, and at ease.

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Coming Together in Community

Mariposas Reiki Retreats

Is dedicated to offering unique experiences in the community that will uplift and transform participants. 

Expect to be spoiled. Expect to be seen. Expect to feel amazing. 

Enter a world where all it takes to flourish, transform, and re-discover your vitality is available to you.

Embrace universal consciousness learn to harness spiritual tools of healing

We offer through Self-Love & Healing opportunities dedicated to providing you a space and plan for deep self care.

Join us virtually in our self-care community or in person within our retreats.

What You'll Experience

Lotus flower yoga pose
Reiki Symbol
Meditation pose

Mariposas Reiki Retreats offers transformative healing experiences. Join in community with like-minded people and be led by experienced holistic healers using tools from Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and more to align body, mind, and spirit.

Journey Dance

Meditation ..and more

Sound Healing

Reiki Circles

Gentle Yoga

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What Our Guests are Saying

The retreat was beautiful. The space was magical, the content was relevant and applicable, and the sessions of yoga, bowl singing, reiki, guided meditation, and the journey dance, were so fulfilling.  This was the first time as a young adult that it really clicked that everyone is going through the same thing and that self-care is a priority that can be fulfilled in many forms. It also was eye-opening to see that these events exist at a reasonable cost, not far away.  I loved all the yoga, reiki, sound and color healing, and dancing.

“The retreat was very relaxing and healing. It allowed attendees to be present and open to their healing.  It served as a reminder that connection with self is essential, a priority, a mandatory relationship and not an add-on option. A key take away for me was connecting to the FEELING of being intentional and present with my self. Really connecting to how I FELT every step of the way was pivotal for me. I absolutely loooooved the chakra tuning bowls. Omg, they were so powerful.”

“The retreat was very much needed and divinely timed. I enjoyed you, the practices, and the other attendees.”


I followed my heart calling to invest in a few days of unplugging, engaging with self care, allowing others to be the healers, the leads – and the timely sense of alignment simply validated the practice of following the hearts call. This – is always invaluable!”


I appreciated the flow, open space for choice, and down time, space for transition and collective activities – beautiful balance ladies. The agenda felt self-care infused, well structured, and balanced with love.”


“Personal Reiki Session – Incredible (as per usual) thank you!! I felt much better in my physical body after the session, gained insights, validation, and a sense of renewal.”

About Us

Mariposa’s Retreats is dedicated to creating sacred space where healing & transformation can occur through universal consciousness.  We teach people to harness spiritual tools of healing.   

Libby Creagh

A 500 hour trained yogi and Reiki Master Teacher who trains & teaches in Florida and internationally.  Libby utilizes Yoga, Reiki, and Meditation to release trauma and stress from the mind and body.

Paty Mariposa

Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Mariposas Holistic Healing specializes in stress reduction & holistic health coaching. She offers workshops & retreats locally and internationally. Paty has studied energy healing for more than a decade.

”Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.”

 Rachel Naomi Remen