Harness tools from Reiki and meditation To Live Freely, Shine Brightly, and be happy!

“I had no idea how much stress I was carrying until I suddenly felt relaxed. These classes gave me the tools I needed to learn to relax and recognize stress.”

--Tom K, Retreat Participant & Tribe Member


About Us

As a team of certified energy workerswe facilitate sacred spaces where healing and transformation can occur through universal consciousness. We help you learn simple ways to harness energetic tools of healing.  


Have you experienced the way stress, feelings of overwhelm, and sadness can sneak up on you and keep you from having the energy to do the things you love in life?


Or perhaps you find yourself experiencing a constant feeling of frustration?


Throughout over 20 years of working with different energy healing modalities such as yoga, Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, movement, and more, we've learned that  committing to an effective self-care routine can help these feelings  become more manageable and often, to fade away, replaced by feelings of love, peace, and gratitude.


This is why we created this community, to teach you how easy it is to shift from feeling disconnected to being deeply connected to your inner light through different healing modalities. 


We want to foster a mind-body connection and process feelings of anger, sadness, loneliness, guilt, and worries  so that you can be more present in each moment and enjoy all that life has to offer!


Within the Tribe, you'll connect with others who think similarly to you and are also dedicated to the path of self-empowerment and awareness!

"That class was exactly what I needed at the time I needed it. So much care and understanding, I was in a much different, grounded place after class."

- Angelia, Tribe Member

The Right to Happiness

Mariposas Reiki Retreats embraces the foundations of empowerment and universal healing through ancient practices like Reiki, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and more.


We are committed to creating a peaceful world by reminding people of the beauty and wisdom that is possible within each of us.


We believe all people have an inherent right to happiness, but the world's struggles can sometimes make us forget that it is possible.


Through ancient energy healing tools like Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, JourneyDance, Theta Healing, and more you can reclaim your happiness and inner peace.


The Tribe offers a constant presence each month to assist you in maintaining a self-care practice that beneifts you within a spiritual community. 

Within the Kaleidoscope Tribe

Once you join the Tribe, you'll connect to an online community where we lift each other up through our pre-sessions check-ins.


Your welcome email includes access to a Self-Care E-book to help you set and achieve self-care goals, with space to journal.  You'll also receive a Reiki-Infused Healing Meditation with sound bowls that you can listen to immdeiately.  


All activities are Reiki-infused because Reiki knows no limits of time and space and is transmittable even via recorded sessions. 


When You Join the Tribe, You'll get:

  • Reiki Infused Group Session
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Practice 
  • Group Channeling/Oracle Reading
  • Daily Affirmation Text Messages
  • Live Monthly Accountability Session 
  • Event reminders via text


  •  Bonus Weekly Hatha Yoga Classes with Libby
  • Access to a library of Reiki Infused Meditations, JourneyDance, and Yoga
  • An Introductory E-Book to help you set & achieve self-care goals with space to journal.
  • Reiki Infused Sound Healing Meditation 

All activities are personalized, especially for Tribe members! 

That means that the yoga, meditation, Reiki, Theta Healing, or JourneyDance experience will be specially designed to address your current challenges and to help you release inner blocks and root down firmly into the wisdom of your inner guru.

"Thank you, Paty and Libby, for a wonderful and relaxing method to begin the week ! I look forward to the remaining information and sessions this week!"

- Paul.

By being a part of the Kaleidoscope Tribe, you can hope to:

  • Release Multi-directional Stress so you can feel the tension leave your body and you can feel more realxed, with the added benefit of genuine sleep!
  • Enhance Your Intuition so that you can recognize when opportunities present themselves and confidently make  impactful decisions for your highest good.
  • Feel More Energized so that you can do all the things you love to do!
  • Increase Positive Self-Talk so that you become your own biggest fan!
  • Achieve Your Health & Wellness Goals so that you can inspire others in your life to do the same!
  • Live Your Most Authentic Self so that you can walk the path that the Universe intends for only you
  • Make Positive Changes in the World that will resonate for generations




July schedule

Join live with Paty and Libby 

All activities are Reiki-Infused!

Sunday July 3rd at 7pm EST

Gentle Yoga and Breathwork


Sunday July 10th at 7pm EST

Reiki for Peace with Theta Healing


Sunday July 17th at 7pm EST

Oracle and Channeled Reading


Sunday July 24th at 7pm EST

Group Accountability & Check In



"I loved it!  Loved the personal reading and the interaction. Loved the safe space provided to be my authentic self."


Stress is primarily a mental pain point, but its effects transfer to the body and could show up as insomnia, heart disease, diabetes, and many other illnesses.

The impact of meditation and conscious implementation of self-healing tools have been proven to improve one’s mind-body connection and gain control of our emotions.

Each month, you will receive:


Reiki Infused Group Treatment- Value $75

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and energy healing.  Reiki knows no time and space, and will wash over you, encouraging your body to release stress and held trauma and come into a space of self healing and rejuvenation.


Mind/Body/Spirit Practice- Value $100

A live practice that might include yoga, dance, guided meditation, and more.


Group Channeling/Oracle Meeting- Value $100

Plug in with intuition and Spirit in this monthly reading that asks the Universe to affirm your present and offer advice


Daily Affirmation Text Messages- Value $150

Stay inspired and focused with daily messages.


Monthly Accountability Session- Value $250

Check in with Paty and Libby and each other.  Set and achieve health and wellness goals and stay on track!

Total Value - $675 per Month

Investment in you is just $67/month


Click here to purchase 3 months for $165


Click Here Join the Tribe as a founding member and get annual access for only $488 **


Money back guarantee!  If you don't feel you received value for your month, we will refund your payment.  


** $488 is a special Founders Price, which is locked in and always available to those who join under this price point and maintain their subsription. 


Founders pricing is valid in 2022 only, and will revert to the annual price of $597 next year

As an added perk for joining the Mariposas Kaleidoscope Tribe, you will receive first invitation and a 10% Discount to all Mariposas Reiki Retreats

Frequently asked questions

Q. What if I’ve never meditated before?Our meditations are perfect for everyone. Whether it's your first time or your 100th, you will benefit from them because all meditations are created differently.  In the Mariposa’s Kaleidoscope Tribe, we design and personalize our sessions so that every Tribe member receives guidance as per their spiritual journey. Some meditations are guided and channelled by Spirit, while others involve movement or mantra.

Q. What if I can’t join the live meetings due to schedule issues?We've tried to choose the most convenient time for our members, based on polling and surveys. We understand that life happens, though, which is why we record our yoga and meditation sessions so you can tune in whenever is best for your schedule. We also accept emailed or texted questions for our Oracle and Channeled readings, so if you can't make it and have an important question, we'll be sure to get you a response!

Q. How will this community help me?We believe that together, we can lift each other up! When you regularly commit to self-care in a group setting, your energy is amplified by those around you, your intention gets stronger, and your motivation grows. By joining together in Tribe, we can help each other vibrate higher.

Q. If stress  and trauma ars hidden, how do I can I recognize it in myself?Sleep and appetite are excellent indicators of stress - so if you're not sleeping enough or are sleeping too much, you might be stressed out! If your appetite has drastically increased or decreased, you may be stressed. If you find it difficult to stop the same thought or worry from circulating in your mind, if you have a hard time just relaxing, or if you find yourself dwelling in the past, you might benefit from releasing stress.

What you can gain by including yoga in your self-care routine: